Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility

DNA Sanger Sequencing Ready to Run

Our Ready-to-Run Service option includes samples ready to sequence on the Applied Biosystems 96-capillary 3730xl DNA Analyzer. The user completes the DNA Sanger reaction preparation and submits the samples according to our Sample Preparation Guidelines. Please note sample plates are discarded after sequencing is complete and after data is delivered.

Looking for resources to help you troubleshoot your DNA sequencing reactions? Please see our Troubleshooting Resources page. 

Order Submission Guidelines

Genomics Core Facility manages all DNA Sanger Sequencing Service using two interfaces: CORES Software and Order Submission Form. Please follow all Order Submission instructions as detailed for Ready-to-Run Service to avoid sample-processing delays. For 2- to 3-day business day service, the CORES Order and Order Submission Form must be submitted to by 12:00PM, and samples must be delivered to our faclity by 2:00PM. 

CORES Order Entry

NEED TO SETUP A NEW RESOURCE USER IN CORES: Instructions and Contact information are found on the CORES HOMEPAGE.

  1. Login to CORES by click here or copy/paste the website into your web-browser:
  2. From the Order Entry Panel, enter into the field your Last Name or FOP. Click Search button.
  3. Select the appropriate CORE Facility: Genomics Core Facility - Pfrender, Michael
  4. Select the appropriate FOP from the list.
  5. Complete the Order Entry –Item Information:
    1. Select the Category from the drop-down menu
    2. Select the Description from the drop-down menu
    3. Enter the quantity.
  6. Click Add Item button to entry additional items to the same order, and then repeat step 5.
  7. REQUIRED: Purchaser’s Information must be populated with your Last Name, First Name, email address, and phone number.
    1. Choose your own name from the Purchaser's drop down menu. If your name is not populated in the drop down, replace the default Last Name and First Name fields with your information. When the order is submitted, data will be delivered to the Purchaser Listed. Failure to complete the Purchaser’s Information will delay sample processing.
  8. Review your Order Entry. Be sure all information is accurate and the Purchaser’s Information correct.
  9. Click Submit Order Request.

Order Submission Form

  1. To download the current order forms for DNA Sanger Sequencing, click here.
  2. Follow all instructions on the DNA Sanger Sequencing Order Submission Form.
  3. Follow the Sample Preparation Guidelines for Ready-to-Run Service.
  4. Email your Order Submission Form to by 12:00PM for 2- to 3-day business day service.

Sample Preparation Guidelines

  1. For ready-to-run samples, submit your DNA Sanger Sequencing products in a labeled 3730xl-compatible 96-well plate suspended in the appropriate volume of AB Hi-Di Formamide. For a list of 3730xl-compatible 96-well plates, please see the AB3730xl Compatible Plates section.
  2. Submit your samples and order form according to the Order Submission Guidelines and Sample Submission Guidelines.

AB3730 Compatible 96-well Half-Skirted Plates


Dist. Catalog


Dot Scientific, Inc.
ThermoFisher Scientific
Thermo Scientific 96-Well Semi-Skirted Plates, Flat Deck

Sample Submission

Please follow all instructions as detailed in the Sample Preparation Guidelines for Full-Service or Ready-to-Run Service. To avoid sample-processing delays, ensure your tubes/plates are clearly labeled with your initials, date, and sample number. Deliver your samples to our Genomics Core Facility by placing them in our designated DNA Sanger Sequencing freezer. Please note sample tubes/plates and primer tubes are discarded after sequencing is complete and after data is delivered.

Deliver your samples by no later than 2:00PM (EST-D) to our facility:

Genomics Core Facility
Galvin Life Science Center Room 019
Phone: (574) 631-1902


For each DNA samples, two files are generated: *.abi file and *.seq file. Both files will be copied to and accessible from the Genomic Data Folder for your laboratory.

Failed Reaction(s) Policy

We agree to re-run failed reactions using the same template and primers, upon your request. If the reaction fails again, you will be charged for both the initial reaction and the second requested reactions. Otherwise, you will be charged only for the successful reaction.

Getting Your Results

To retrieve your results and data files, access the Genomic Data Folder for your laboratory. To access this folder, follow the instruction of how to map a network drive.

For Windows Operating Systems 7 or higher

  1. Begin from the Start Menu Button, and select File Explorer. A prompt window will open.
  2. From the top of the prompt window, click on the Tools Menu, and then select Map Network Drive. A prompt window will open.
  3. Within the Map Network Drive Window, select a Drive Letter from the field Drive List.
  4. In the field labeled Folder Box, type the path of the folder:
    1. \\\~genomics\Private\[your specific lab folder]
    2. User must enter the name of [your specific lab folder]. Typically, [your specific lab folder] is your PI’s name followed by “_Lab”.
    3. Example: \\\~genomics\Private\Smith_Lab
    4. Otherwise to obtain [your specific lab folder], contact us.
    5. Required: Select Connect Using a Different User Name. In the field User Name, enter ADND\[your ND net ID] and enter your ND Password.
  5. Click OK and then Finish.
  6. The mapped folder will appear in the File Explorer window.

For MAC Operating Systems OX10.5 and higher:

  1. Begin from the FINDER Window. From the top menu, click GO menu and then select CONNECT TO SERVER. A prompt window will open.
  2. In the field SERVER ADDRESS of the prompt window, type the path of the folder:
    1. smb://[your specific lab folder]
    2. User must enter the name of [your specific lab folder]. Typically, [your specific lab folder] is your PI’s name followed by “_Lab”.
    3. Example: smb://
    4. Otherwise to obtain [your specific lab folder], contact us.

Viewing Your Results

To view your results, use one of the following available software:


DNA Sanger Sequencing Ready-to-Run Order Form