Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility

NimbleGen Microarrays


Genomics Core Facility is dedicated to providing high quality service with fast turn-around time and offering flexible options that allow personalized service to our users for available products. Unfortunately, Roche NimbleGen microarray products were discontinued and are no longer available to purchase.

Genomics Core Facility maintains Roche NimbleGen Microarray Equipment, including Hybridization Systems and NimbleGen 200 Scanner. For more information, contact us.  

Roche NimbleGen posted the following statement on their website:

“As previously announced in June 2012, Roche has exited the DNA microarray business. All products and services for NimbleGen CGH, ChIP-chip, DNA Methylation, AccuSNP, CGS, and Gene Expression microarrays and their associated workflows are no longer available from Roche.”

For more information on microarray support from Roche NimbleGen, please see the November 7, 2012 release statement: Roche and Agilent Technologies Establish Agreement to Provide Continued Service and Support to Roche NimbleGen Microarray Customers.