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Qubit Quantification

Sample Preparation & Submission

To ensure successful results, the sample must be of sufficient purity and appropriate concentration. We recommend using only purified products.

Selecting the appropriate kit is sample type and concentration dependent. Refer to the descriptions of Qubit Kits and Assays for sample type and concentration range. We recommend using a spectrometer, such as the Nanodrop, to determine sample concentration prior to submission.

Complete the Sample QC Order Submission Form. For each sample to be analyzed, provide only an aliquot of 2ul in a labeled 1.5ml tubes. We strongly recommend providing an aliquot, not the primary stock. All tubes must be labeled on the side with PI Name, Date (MM/DD/YYYY), Concentration, and unique Sample Name.

Email the Submission Form to Please include in your e-mail the date and approximate time you will be delivering your samples to the Genomics Core Facility.

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The Qubit Fluorometer system reports sample concentration in units of ng/ul. A report documenting the Qubit Kit and Assay Type with concentration for each sample will be provided to you.

About Qubit System

The Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer system quickly and accurately measures the concentration of limited samples using the highly sensitive Qubit quantitation assay. Selecting the appropriate kit is concentration and sample dependent.

Determining Concentrations Using the Qubit Assay

Concentration is equal to this signal of fluorescent dye emitted only when the dye binds to the sample. Most contaminants have no effect on the final result. This makes it extremely useful when accurate quantitation is needed for downstream applications

Qubit Kits and Assays

  • DNA Analysis – Broad Range DNA and High Sensitivity DNA Assays
  • RNA Analysis – Broad Range RNA and High Sensitivity RNA Assays





Broad Range Assay

2–1,000 ng

20–1,000 ng

High-Sensitivity Assay

0.2–100 ng

5–100 ng