Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility

Workshops and Training

The GBCF provides opportunities for education and training at all levels from undergraduate to faculty through workshops, seminars, and individual training.

In the past we have held workshops on RNAseq analysis, using bioinformatics tools and resources, and introductions to new genomics sequencing technologies and applications. We also host an ongoing RADtag sequencing and analysis group, and support an introductory coursework on basic bioinformatics analysis. If you are interested in the GBCF hosting a workshop on a topic of interest to you, including analysis pipelines, bioinformatic tools, or genomics technologies and methods, please contact us!


Scheduled Workshops and Events

We are happy to announce a new program, REACT (Rapid Exposure to Advanced Computational Training), to support PhD students hoping to gain external training in computational tools and techniques. Please see REACT page for more information and for a list of supported workshops.