The Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility (GBCF) requires that users adhere to their policies regarding: 

Payment Policy

Internal users are charged for their services utilizing the fund number provided at the time the order is placed. Debit credit transactions are processed monthly, early in the following month. For external users, payment is due in full 30 days upon receipt of service.

Publication and Acknowledgement Policy

All publications resulting from services provided by the GBCF must acknowledge the Notre Dame Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility. Services include project development and design, data generation (nucleic acid processing/QC, microarrays, library preparation, or sequencing) and data analysis. Authorship is expected for collaborative projects that involve the development of novel techniques for data generation or analysis.

We thank you for this support and ensuring that the GBCF gets recognized for its research contributions.


All data shared with the GBCF is kept confidential. All data generated or analyzed in the facility are owned by the investigator and will not be shared unless specific written direction is provided by the owner.

Conflict Resolution

For external users, the GBCF utilizes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) approved by Notre Dame's Office of General Council that, in addition to confidentiality agreements and cost, outlines procedure for conflict resolution consistent with University recharge policy. SLAs must be signed by external users prior to the start of the project. Technician or equipment error that results in failed services will be investigated and repeated without additional cost to the user. 

Prioritization of Work

Priority is given to Notre Dame and to the Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine - South Bend, followed by member institutions in the National Institutes of Health-sponsored Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI): including IUPUI, IU Bloomington, and Purdue, followed by external academic researchers and industry sponsored or commercial work.

Sample Storage Policy

The GBCF will store completed sequencing libraries for a period of no longer than three months after project completion date. Please arrange for longer-term storage of any desired material, including excess nucleic acids, following the completion of the GBCF services requested. 

Data Storage Policy

Project data, such as raw and processed data files, quality control files, or any intermediate files produced during the analysis process, will be backed up by the GBCF for a period no longer than six months. Please arrange to back up and store any data files within the six-month time frame to avoid losing any potentially important data. If longer term data storage is required, please contact Melissa Stephens.

Data Transfer Policy

Raw and processed data may be transferred to owner through either 1) a provided link to download compressed files, 2) a user provided external hard-drive, or 3) direct transfer to the user's preferred Center for Research Computing space with appropriate permissions using command line interface. Raw data includes that obtained through genomics sequencing services, an external provider for sequencing contracted through the GBCF, and/or data analyzed by the GBCF. The user is responsible for maintaining the data once back up is complete.