10X Chromium Controller

The ability to examine genomic and transcriptomic patterns at the level of single cells is rapidly becoming an essential tool for cell biology, cancer, immunology, and neuroscience research.

The 10X Chromium Controller is a massive partitioning and barcoding system with a reagent delivery method that facilitates thousands of micro-reactions in parallel. This enables the discovery of gene expression dynamics and molecular profiling of individual cell types, elucidation of gene regulatory mechanisms, study of disease pathogens, and characterization of genomic structure.

Service Options

A variety of library preparation options are available for a wide range of study goals. Researchers are encouraged to contact the GBCF with requests for other services that are not listed below:

  • Single Cell Gene Expression
  • Gene Expression CRISPR Screening
  • Single Cell Immune Profiling
  • Single Cell CNV
  • Single Cell ATAC
  • Gene and Cell Surface Proteins
  • Spatial Transcriptomics
  • Long Range (Linked-Read) Genome sequencing

Service Rates

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Submitting Your Order

Consultation is required for this service. Please contact Melissa Stephens before preparing samples to discuss project and workflow specifics.