DNA Sanger Sequencing Ready to Run

With the DNA Sanger Sequencing Ready to Run, the user submits the sequencing reaction (or Fragment Analysis) ready to load on the Applied Biosystems 96-capillary 3730xl DNA Analyzer.

Service Rates

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NEW Policies and Procedures Regarding Sample Drop Off Services

  • Each lab will be requested to schedule a specific drop off time to deposit samples outside of the facility for processing. A cooler will be placed outside the door for this purpose. This procedure is an effort to reduce traffic inside and outside the lab.

  • Please coordinate multiple submissions with your lab members whenever possible to limit the traffic outside of the lab.

  • External orders will not be accepted at this time. 

  • Please maintain at least a 6 foot distance from others whenever possible. A mask must be worn at all times while in the building.

Submitting Your Order

  1. Enter the order into the CORES Ordering System.
  2. Download the Ready to Run Sample Information Form and e-mail the completed copy to genomics@nd.edu.
  3. Please choose a time to drop off your samples using the GBCF Daily Sample Drop Off Schedule each week.
  4. Place sequencing products in a labeled 3730xl-compatible 96-well plate suspended in the appropriate volume of AB Hi-Di Formamide.
  5. Deposit the samples outside of the GBCF and inside the cooler using the provided tube rack on the day and time that was selected.
If you are unable to meet your drop off day and time, please reschedule with your new anticipated drop off time as soon as possible.

AB3730 Compatible 96-well Half-Skirted Plates


Dist. Catalog


Dot Scientific, Inc.



ThermoFisher Scientific


Thermo Scientific 96-Well Semi-Skirted Plates, Flat Deck

Your Results

An e-mail is sent when data is available. Sequencing and fragment analysis data files are posted to Google Drive. If permission is needed to access the files, please contact the GBCF staff by completing the Sanger Sequencing Request Access Form

To map your computer directly to the Sanger Sequencing data folder, you will need to add the shared folder to "My Drive" first and then install Google File Stream on your computer by following these instructions. For additional information, Google Drive quick-reference guides and resources are available. If you have any questions about Google Drive, please contact the OIT Help Desk.


There are a variety of sequencing and fragment analysis software available to view results. View list of available software.

Sequencing Failed Reactions / Redo Policy

Rerun service is not provided with Ready-to-Run orders, with rare exceptions.

Troubleshooting Resources

The GBCF staff has compiled links that are helpful for troubleshooting DNA sequencing reactions. Please contact the GBCF if you are unable to find what you're looking for. View DNA Sequencing by Capillary Electrophoresis Troubleshooting Guide.

Additional Resources