Illumina Library Preparation

The power of Next-generation sequencing is derived from the diversity of library creation methods available. These methods are tailored to diffferent experimental approaches, with numerous commerical kits and variations available. The GBCF is dedicated to providing high-quality service and offering flexible options that allow personalized service to users. The Facility offers NGS Library Preparation Services compatible with Illumina Sequencing Platforms using both commercial kits and custom workflows. 

Standard & Specialty Service Options

A variety of library preparation options are available for a wide range of sample types. Researchers are encouraged to contact the GBCF with requests for other services not listed below, as the facility may provide additional custom services.

Genomics (de novo assembly, resequencing)

  • Whole Genome DNA
  • ddRAD-tag Libraries
  • Mate-Pair or Synthetic Long Reads
  • Linked-Reads Genomics (10X Chromium)
  • Target Enrichment

 Transcriptomics (Total RNA, mRNA, FFPE)

  • Classic Strand-specific RNA (mRNA or rRNA depletion)
  • Ultra Low Input RNA
  • small RNA
  • RNA Exome

Single Cell Transcriptomics (10X Chromium Controller)

  • Single Cell Gene Expression


  • Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS)
  • ChIP-sequencing
  • Single Cell Epigenomics (10X Chromium)


  • 16s and other loci

Service Rates

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Submitting Your Order

  1. Consultation is required for library preparation services. Please contact Melissa Stephens before preparing samples to discuss the project and workflow specifics.
  2. Completion time is dependent on the complexity and scope of the project research goals. In general, the typical turn-around time for most standard projects is 4 to 6 weeks following successful completion of initial sample quality control.